Winter 2022

Griffin’s skewer screwup

Meet Griffin, a mixed-breed pooch who bit off more than he could chew at a summer barbecue. 

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Tips to help you and your pet

Preparing for return to work

Preparing your pet for your return to office can be stressful but it isn't impossible. Keep reading for tips on how you can make this transition as...
Oodles of doodles

Featured pet: Golden Doodle

If you think you’re seeing more goldendoodles, Labradoodles and other doodle-y dogs these days—it’s not your imagination. There are indeed oodles of...
New member perk

VetPet Box. Pet Chewed. Vet Approved.

Every item in a VetPet Box has been hand-selected and evaluated by our veterinarians for quality and safety. Our pets give us so much. Vetpet Box...
Supporting small businesses

Black owned businesses to support

Looking to pamper your pets with an extra special treat? Check out some of our favorite Black-owned pet brands, your pet will thank you!
Tips to keep your pet safe this winter

Winter pet tips

Short days and cold nights make winter the season of snuggling with your pet but in some cases, cold weather can be very dangerous for your pets.
At home dental care for pets

How to brush your pet's teeth

February is National Pet Dental Health month, an annual event established by the American Veterinary Medical Association to help get the word out...
Now until March 31st

See You This Year Sweepstakes

Win a set of four Amazon Echo Show 8's to stay close to family and fur-iends this year.
Getting prepared

What is a pet guardian?

Nationwide has partnered with FreeWill to provide this article to our readers.

Building up resilience with the help of your pets

Resilience becomes more important as we age. Physical, mental and emotional resilience can reduce your likelihood of injury and keep you positive...
Tooth hurts

Real stories from the vethelpline®

Dental health is a major concern for our pets, especially as they grow older. Gum disease and tartar build-up can lead to a host of serious health...
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