Spring Issue

The buck stops here

Even baby pets can get into big trouble—as Belle found out when she tangoed with an angry deer.
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Dog breeds that are easier to train

Most pet parents don’t start out as (or become!) expert dog-trainers. But with some practice and a dog who’s easy to train, most of us can have a...
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Bigger! Fluffier! Now with felines!

By now, we hope you’ve had a chance to visit the Nationwide® Pet HealthZone®, a free online destination for pet parents to discover new ways to...
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Introducing the Pet HealthZone

What if you had a crystal ball that could tell you how likely it is that your pet will get sick or hurt? What if it could predict the age that...
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How pets help improve our physical health

The pet-owner relationship is a unique bond that provides not only care and affection for the pet, but also comfort, happiness, and unconditional...
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The paw-sitive mental health impact of pets

Pet parents have long understood the happiness-boosting power of their pets. Scientists and researchers have started looking deeper into the...
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Pet cancer: What you need to know

Summer offers plenty of potential for fun times with your pet, but it also provides an opportunity to make the best choices when it comes to pet...
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Building up resilience with the help of your pets

Resilience becomes more important as we age. Physical, mental and emotional resilience can reduce your likelihood of injury and keep you positive...
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The unexpected health benefits of pets

Pets are more than just our companions—they’re our personal trainers, our therapists and, of course, our best snugglers. Given these many talents,...
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