Fall 2021

Adopting a pandemic pooch

Uprooted by a surprise move during a strange time, Shauna Kistner and her boyfriend Spencer went in search of new companionship. They found it in the form of an adventurous Dalmatian pup named Pongo.

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Fall 2021

The unexpected health benefits of pets

Studies suggest that pets can help us live longer and happier lives. Here's how.
Fall 2021

Sweepstakes: How about tricks for treats

This year, we're pulling something special from our witches' cauldron--and rewarding the best pet tricks with some fang-tastic treats.
Fall 2021

Fur-ightful experiences

We’re coming up on the spookiest time of the year. Good thing our vethelpline® experts are here to handle the scariest scritch-uations.
Fall 2021

Are you pup-pared for Disaster Preparedness Month?

Disaster Preparedness Month is held every September with the goal of getting people to think about (and be ready for) the unthinkable.
Fall 2021

Celebrating Dogust 1st with shelter dogs

August 1st is the universal birthday for shelter dogs. Here's how (and why) we celebrated.
Fall 2021

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with these pet brands

Looking to support some Hispanic and Latino innovators in the pet world? Here are some of our favorites.
Fall 2021


Chameleons are popular exotic pets. But there’s more to these remarkable reptiles than meets the eye.
Fall 2021

Save on pet prescriptions

Nationwide pet insurance members can save on pet prescriptions when they're filled at Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacies.
Fall 2021

Adopting a pandemic pooch

2020 was a very tumultuous year for most people. For Shauna and Spencer, it was one that brought about more change than expected.
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