New Member Perk: PetPlate

Who Is PetPlate?

Our dogs have been telling us what they want for years, and most of us have been ignoring them. Tableside begging for scraps?  Our pups wanted in on the good stuff. Turning up their noses at their bowls?  That was a complaint about burnt food. Stomach upset and food allergies?  More like a clear commentary on their diet. Turns out, they’ve been telling us it's time to switch to human-grade, gently-cooked food.

Dogs have been talking to us this whole time- we just haven’t paid enough attention. Finally, someone’s listening.

PetPlate didn’t start at what dogs could eat, but they focused on what dogs should, and want to eat. They started by cooking real, nutrient-rich food for them and watched their pets reactions. They did it to build a connection - to make communication with dogs as two-way as possible. Because what brings them joy brings us joy too.

PetPlate is a multi-channel brand that began with a mission to help one dog. It’s since evolved to help tens of thousands of dogs through 100% human-grade meals, organic treats and vet nutritionist-designed supplements available via subscription or retail.

Their Story

We all know our dogs’ signals. That exuberant tail wag when they’re happy. The tippy tap toe dance when they’re hungry. And the soulful expression when they’re sad.
Winston had been busy sending his dog dad signals too. And one day, when Renaldo Webb’s consulting job took him to the factory floor of a giant pet food manufacturer, he finally realized what his pup’s messages meant. What he was seeing was shocking, from the quality of ingredients to the actual production, it was no wonder Winston was rejecting his food.  It was literally making him sick.

Winston had been communicating, and Renaldo was determined to listen. Not just to his dog, but to all dogs. He teamed up with Dr. Renee Streeter, a leading veterinary nutritionist, to home cook nutritionally-rich recipes made with REAL, human grade ingredients. When he saw how quickly it made a difference in Winston’s happiness and health, he began offering his gently-cooked meals to friends and family. Their dogs thrived, and he knew he was onto something.

Renaldo founded PetPlate in 2016, with the goal of helping dogs and their families live longer, happier, and healthier lives together. Having served 15,000,000 nutritionally-balanced, high-quality meals and counting, the proudly Black-owned and Woman-led company has officially proved that everyone deserves a seat at the table…and that includes our dogs!

Their Dogma

They're taking back the term “dog food.” For them, it isn’t an insult. It means REAL, top-quality, human-grade ingredients cooked gently in small batches in USDA kitchens.

Dogs are one of the most diverse species on earth. It’s time to feed them like it. At PetPlate, they don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach for people or pups (could YOU eat the same meal day in and day out?) which is why they offer the widest variety of recipes on the market.

If you eat better, you feel better. It’s not rocket science. But it is science. Their perfectly balanced meals are specially formulated and optimized at every level, to give dogs the flavors they crave and the nutrients they need.

They're not afraid to evolve. Dogs did it. It’s how roving packs of wolves became Chihuahua’s and Great Danes. They are forever striving to know more and do better so they can fulfill their ultimate mission…to help pups and their people live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Dogs deserve a seat at the table. They’ve been telling us for years what they want and need (and it’s a lot closer to what we’d feed and cook ourselves). PetPlate is here to listen.

Quick FAQ’s

100% Human-grade ingredients that you’d be proud to put on your own table

USDA-Approved Kitchens for chef-level quality

Gently cooked in small batches to preserve vital nutrients and great taste

Designed by vets and formulated for your pups’ unique needs

Droolworthy variety because food boredom is real

Unmatched convenience with pre-portioned cups for stress and mess-free serving

Commitment to customization with personalized meal plans designed around your pup’s weight, age, breed, and activity level

Seamless delivery via a direct to consumer subscription service shipping food straight to your door

Reduced environmental impact as all packaging is curbside recyclable

7-Day-a-Week Support through a devoted Customer Care team that knows you and your pup by name.

The result? Over 15,000,000 meals and treats delivered, and counting!

Our Products

Fresh-Cooked Entrees: PetPlate offers one of the largest varieties of people-quality, kettle-simmered meals on the market, formulated by board certified Veterinary Nutritionist Renee Streeter to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO.

Signature Recipes
Their highly palatable and easy-to-digest meals provide great taste and essential nutritional solutions for all dogs. They’re gently cooked in small batches in a USDA-approved kitchen, using the highest quality human-grade ingredients and a proprietary vitamin and mineral supplement blend.

Barkin’ Beef
High protein beef for picky eaters
Great for active dogs

Chompin’ Chicken
Lean, high-protein chicken
Great for weight management

Tail Waggin’ Turkey
Lean turkey for sensitive tummies
Fiber-filled wholesome grains
Great for senior dogs

Lip Lickin’ Lamb
Allergy-friendly lamb (a novel protein)
Fatty acid-rich quinoa (a superfood)
Great for food sensitivities

Supportive Recipes
First of their kind, fresh-cooked meals that specifically support a wide range of health conditions, while still providing essential nutritional solutions and exceptional taste that can be enjoyed by all dogs.

Power Packed Pork
High in protein and fiber
Supports metabolic health and weight management
A great source of complex carbs, fatty acids and antioxidants

Lean and Mean Venison
Allergy-friendly venison (a novel protein)
Heart healthy and low-fat
Supports pancreas and liver wellness

Organic Treats
Human-grade and filler-free, USDA organic treats are the perfect reward for giving paw, sitting pretty, or just for being them.

Chicken Apple Sausage Bites
Baked in small batches in the USA
Hormone and antibiotic-free chicken
Organic apples

Baked in small batches in a USDA-approved kitchen, our supplements are tasty as treats, but offer essential nutritional solutions.

Tummy Ticklin’ Digestive Cookies
Supports digestive health
2 billion live and active cultures per treat
Microbiome balance support

Joint Jumpin’ Mobility Cookies
Supports hip and joint health
Fortified with glucosamine + chondroitin
Provides arthritic support

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