The Companion

Lost cat spends a perilous night in the sewer

A Siberian mix cat named Rafa survived a 45-foot tumble and a long frigid night in the sewer before he was discovered. Here’s the story of his daring rescue.

Fall 2022

Meet our Hambone Award nominees!

Every year, Nationwide® receives millions of pet insurance claims for everything from the mundane to the truly unusual.
Fall 2022

Fall seasonal pet safety tips

With cooler weather and shorter days come a number of changes in our day to day lives—the leaves change, sweaters come out of storage and pumpkin...
Fall 2022

Unique and fun homemade pet Halloween costumes

Looking for a fun, pet-safe costume for your good little ghoul or goblin?
Fall 2022

The best products to pamper your pet

The best pets deserve the absolute best of everything. But where do you find the right goods to put your pet in the lap of luxury? We’re here to help.
Fall 2022

Turkey Day pet safety

Nothing says Thanksgiving tradition like a full plate of tasty treats—enjoyed with beloved friends and family, of course.
Fall 2022

Hambone history: Jack Russell saves owner from home intruder

If you’ve been following our Hambone Awards for some time, you probably remember Kismet.
Fall 2022

Animals in unique jobs

Our dogs and cats are great companions and diligent snugglers, but that’s not their only job. Many pets are more than just pets—they also help to...
Fall 2022

Sherlotte's sinking feeling

As COVID-19 restrictions dragged on into several months, Al Falco and his wife, Wei, set out in search of a four-legged companion for their high...
Fall 2022

Fall allergens

Seasonal allergies aren’t just a problem for humans—our pets are allergic to many of the same things we are.
Dogs have been telling us for years what they want and need. PetPlate is here to listen.

We’re giving dogs a seat at the table with human-grade, vet-designed and chef-quality meals, organic treats and supplements, gently-cooked in small batches in USDA kitchens.

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