Summer Issue

When “having a ball” is no fun for anyone

When Rocket swallowed his brother’s tennis ball, Alex and Stephanie came to his rescue.
Summer 2023

How pets help improve our physical health

The pet-owner relationship is a unique bond that provides not only care and affection for the pet, but also comfort, happiness, and unconditional...
Summer 2023

Fostering pets

Many people are generous when it comes to helping homeless pets. They donate money, volunteer at shelters, and organize and staff fundraising and...
Spring 2023

The experts’ guide to great pet names

Spring is finally on its way, and many new puppies, kittens, birds, small mammals and more will find their way into fur-ever homes. But how do you...
Spring 2023

The paw-sitive mental health impact of pets

Pet parents have long understood the happiness-boosting power of their pets. Scientists and researchers have started looking deeper into the...
Winter 2023

Planning for new pet expenses

You can’t put a price tag on the love and affection you receive from a new pet. However, adding a new four-legged friend to your life does come with...
Winter 2023

Winter activities for your pet

Staying active during the cold winter months isn’t always easy. Short days and chilly winds can make getting out from under the blankets tough for a...
Winter 2023

How to spot signs of illness in cats

Cats act in mysterious ways—it’s one of the many things we love about them. But did you know certain behavior (or changes in behavior) can signal a...
Holiday 2022

Featured pet: Sugar glider

Sugar gliders are part squirrel, part hang glider—and all the way adorable. These inquisitive and energetic animals are increasingly popular as pets.
Fall 2022

Animals in unique jobs

Our dogs and cats are great companions and diligent snugglers, but that’s not their only job. Many pets are more than just pets—they also help to...
Dogs have been telling us for years what they want and need. PetPlate is here to listen.

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How pets help improve our physical health

The pet-owner relationship is a unique bond that provides not only care and affection for ...

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