The Companion

The Holiday Edition

The weather outside is fur-ightful, but our pet stories, celebrations and more are always delightful! Curl up by the fireplace with this special edition of the holiday Companion.

Holiday 2021

Featured pet: The mighty Newfoundland

It happens like something from a daydream or a fantasy tale. You’re drifting away along a treacherous shoal in a boat with no motor or paddle. Just...
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The unexpected health benefits of pets

Pets are more than just our companions—they’re our personal trainers, our therapists and, of course, our best snugglers. Given these many talents,...
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Chameleons are popular exotic pets, thanks in part to their color changing abilities. But there’s more to these remarkable reptiles than meets the...
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One of the world’s iconic dog breeds, dachshunds arrived on American shores in the mid-1800s. Since then, they’ve had an undeniable impact on...
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Locally known as “water monsters,” axolotls are native only to Lake Xochimilco near Mexico City—but they hold an iconic place in indigenous Mexican...
Cure pet cancer
Time to get those feet and paws moving! We have joined our friends at the Animal Cancer Foundation once again to help spread pet cancer awareness. Join us for our 2nd annual Pet Cancer Awareness Walk to help #CurePetCancer.
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Happy paw-lidays

As you get ready to celebrate this year's festivities, avoid a not-so-joyous trip to the vet's office by watching for common holiday pet hazards. Help friends and loved ones with pets enjoy the paw-liday season safely with our e-card.

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