Winter Issue

Grayson Haze and the frightful fall

The story of a silver Lab who took a mighty leap—and landed in the ER.
Holiday 2023

Start the new year off on the right paw

January 1st is a popular day for replacing old habits and worn-out objects to get a fresh new start for the year to come.
Holiday 2023

The season of playtime

Holidays offer even more opportunities than usual to spoil your pet. How do you know whether your next pet toy purchase will be a fan favorite or...
Holiday 2023

New perk alert: Spleash

Walking a dog is often so much more than just a walk in the park—between all the distractions and smells and excitement, many pet parents have a...
Fall 2023

Hambone Awards: From a veterinarian’s perspective

Despite our best efforts, not every accident can be avoided. Sometimes, the unexpected happens to our pets—and when it does, it helps to have a great...
Summer 2023

Does your dog need sunscreen?

Dogs can and do get sunburns, and some are more vulnerable to sun damage than others. But pet parents can protect their canine companions the same...
Summer 2023

Heat stroke warning

The long summer days are cherished, and for good reason. They open the world to outdoor activities, from barbecues to camping, from festivals to...
Summer 2023

Water Safety 101

Swimming is great exercise for those dogs who love it, but even the most water-ready of retrievers can get into trouble without their families...
Spring 2023

Keep essential oils away from your pets

Essential oils can be found in many popular products, from those for aromatherapy to household cleaning. The benefits of essential oils for humans...
Spring 2023

More pets?

For many, one pet is never enough. For them, the happiest homes are those with as many pets as can be cared for, a mix of species or multiples of the...
Spring 2023

Parasite prevention tips

As the weather warms up, many pet parasites pick up–or get picked up by pets. Fleas and ticks become more active, as do mosquitoes, which transmit...
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