Winter Issue

Grayson Haze and the frightful fall

The story of a silver Lab who took a mighty leap—and landed in the ER.
Winter 2024

Meet Petco CEO Ron Coughlin and his pup, Yogi

Loving pets is part of the job at Petco. For Ron Coughlin, being the top dog means working day in and day out to keep pets across the country happy...
Winter 2024

Grayson Haze and the frightful fall

Over the years, Annie and Mark cared for numerous animals, from cats and dogs to farm animals. For the first time in a long time, they found...
Holiday 2023

Maeve and the marrow bone

Longtime Lab lovers Tim P. and his family set out in search of a new pup to brighten up their day. The pooch that captured their hearts was shy,...
Fall 2023

Black cat has unlucky run-in with folding sofa

Some people consider black cats to be unlucky—but often, black cats turn out to be the luckiest pets of them all, matched only by how lucky their...
Summer 2023

After hour experts on summer bummers

Summer’s here at last! From beach time to summer hikes, there’s a lot to do outdoors—and a lot of potential pet hazards for pet families to avoid....
Summer 2023

When “having a ball” is no fun for anyone

Sometimes the best connections come from unexpected places. Take, for example, the bond Rocket has with his pet parents, Alex and Stephanie.
Spring 2023

Laugh It Up, Furball! Contest Winners

We asked our social media followers to post a Star-Wars themed photo of their furry friends using #LaughItUpFurballContest. By entering, they also...
Spring 2023

Experts on call after hours

Pet parents tend to have numerous questions both big and small about caring for their pets. Often our pet concerns can't wait, so if your vet's...
Spring 2023

Shadow and the masked intruder

The world seems to wake up from a long, cold slumber in those first warm days of spring. Along with the return of birds and fresh blooms, other...
Winter 2023

Wishbone ruins shih tzu's appetite

“My son wanted a dog, because all his friends had dogs,” Nationwide pet insurance member Nahla I. remembers. “He wanted his own dog.”
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