Summer Issue

Peace of mind in one app

Discover PetsVivo: The easiest way to manage your pet’s vital information and access it when it matters most.
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Laugh It Up, Furball! Contest Winners

We asked our social media followers to post a Star-Wars themed photo of their furry friends using #LaughItUpFurballContest. By entering, they also...
Pet care

Experts on call after hours

Pet parents tend to have numerous questions both big and small about caring for their pets. Often our pet concerns can't wait, so if your vet's...
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Meet our 2023 Wacky Pet Names nominees

Every pet is unique in their own way—ask any pet parent and they’ll tell you! But how do you tell the world exactly what makes your furry, feathery...
Pet care

Keep essential oils away from your pets

Essential oils can be found in many popular products, from those for aromatherapy to household cleaning. The benefits of essential oils for humans...
Spring 2023

Shadow and the masked intruder

The world seems to wake up from a long, cold slumber in those first warm days of spring. Along with the return of birds and fresh blooms, other...
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The experts’ guide to great pet names

Spring is finally on its way, and many new puppies, kittens, birds, small mammals and more will find their way into fur-ever homes. But how do you...
Pet care

More pets?

For many, one pet is never enough. For them, the happiest homes are those with as many pets as can be cared for, a mix of species or multiples of the...
Research data

The paw-sitive mental health impact of pets

Pet parents have long understood the happiness-boosting power of their pets. Scientists and researchers have started looking deeper into the...
Pet care

Parasite prevention tips

As the weather warms up, many pet parasites pick up–or get picked up by pets. Fleas and ticks become more active, as do mosquitoes, which transmit...
Pet care

Planning pet-safe plantings

The snow may still be on the ground in some places, but that doesn’t stop people from swarming the gardening centers at the first hint of spring. For...
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