Winter Issue

Grayson Haze and the frightful fall

The story of a silver Lab who took a mighty leap—and landed in the ER.
Holiday 2023

The mysterious dog illness: What you need to know

You may have heard recent news about a respiratory disease affecting dogs across the United States. As your partner in protecting your pet’s health,...
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Your holiday guinea pig gift guide

There’s always a loved one your holiday shopping list who makes gift buying a challenge. What do you get the guy or gal—or guinea pig—who has it all?
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Meowloween Magic Memories

Halloween has tricked and retreated, but the meow-mories from this year’s Meowloween Magic contest continue to frighten and delight.
Holiday 2023

Why is chocolate so bad for dogs and cats?

Chocolate is everywhere during the holiday season, from steaming mugs of marshmallow-topped hot chocolate to baked goods to all manner of candy...
Holiday 2023

Start the new year off on the right paw

January 1st is a popular day for replacing old habits and worn-out objects to get a fresh new start for the year to come.
Holiday 2023

Maeve and the marrow bone

Longtime Lab lovers Tim P. and his family set out in search of a new pup to brighten up their day. The pooch that captured their hearts was shy,...
Holiday 2023

The season of playtime

Holidays offer even more opportunities than usual to spoil your pet. How do you know whether your next pet toy purchase will be a fan favorite or...
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DIY holiday pet treats

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the snacks. Sweets and treats are such an important part of our wintertime celebrations, but most...
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2023 holiday gift guide for pets

When your pet has everything, what do you get them for the holidays? Don’t worry—here’s our go-to guide for fun and functional gifts your four-legged...
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New perk alert: Spleash

Walking a dog is often so much more than just a walk in the park—between all the distractions and smells and excitement, many pet parents have a...
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