Summer Issue

Peace of mind in one app

Discover PetsVivo: The easiest way to manage your pet’s vital information and access it when it matters most.
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Member Benefit Spotlight: Save 10% at every vet visit at Petco

Nationwide Pet Insurance Members, your dedication to your pets' health and wellbeing is about to be rewarded in a whole new way. As regular...
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Get rewards when you help protect pets

Finding a pet insurance provider can be stressful, but it’s an important step in staying ready for the unexpected.
Spring 2024

Kitten care 101: Setting up your new feline companion

When the weather starts to heat up, so does kitten season. That means from now through fall – longer in warmer climates – there are kittens galore...
Spring 2024

Skunked: Prevention and treatment guide for pet owners

One whiff gives you the news no pet owner wants: Your pet has been skunked! Before you run out for treatment options that don’t work well, read on to...
Spring 2024

Defending your pet: Understanding and preventing heartworm disease

Heartworms are stealthy parasites that can kill your pet, transmitted by a bloodthirsty insect that can make outdoor activities borderline...
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24/7 video chat with pet health experts

Your cat just isn’t acting right. Your dog ate something that might be toxic. Your parrot is growing a new feather—but, suddenly, it’s bleeding. What...
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Treat yourself and your pets with Nationwide Perks!

We value both you and your pets At Nationwide, we’re about more than just insurance. We value the bond created between you and your pets, considering...
Spring 2024

10 Tips to Nurture Pandemic Pets in Adulthood

During the COVID-19 lockdown, a unique phenomenon occurred as families and individuals turned to the companionship of pets, particularly puppies and...
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The wackiest pet names of 2024

It’s that wacky, wild time again: We’re celebrating the wackiest pet names of the year!
Spring 2024

The buck stops here

Making friends in a new place isn’t always easy. For Belle, a Jindo pup who recently moved to the U.S., that urge to connect with others led to a...
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